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Domain Name Registration & Renovation /  Payment

Pay via PayPal or with your credit or debit card. By making the payment, you confirm that you have signed up for our service and will be charged the same annual fee as the annual renewal of your domain. Don’t forget to fill in your details on the form as well.

Important notice: Annual payment is required for your Web Site to continue working and for you to have the right to use your domain, after 1 day of delay in payment, your domain will be suspended, after 30 days of delay, your domain it will be available for another person or company to register and you will lose the right to the domain, and it will no longer be possible to recover it again.

Get in touch if you have any questions. keep your DOMAIN RENEWAL and WEBSITE HOSTING payments up to date. Remembering that the DOMAIN renewal is annual and the HOSTING is monthly.

If you have not yet acquired the HOSTING service, access the WEBHOSTING PLANS area and choose the desired plan.

You can pay with your card or with your PayPal account.